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Grow your sprouts
and profit

Works and scales on Blockchain

Grow your salad online for free
only for 7 days
800m2 of sown area

Send it automatically
to home or store

Sending to store
get up to 18% after 21 days

*Renting crop areas
for 3 months and more
How does Organicus work?

The producer of bioorganic food "Sun Planet Organic"
grows sprout salads and provides it to supermarket chains of
"Perekrestok", "Azbuka Vkusa", "Auchan", "Lenta", "Karusel", "Mindal"


On the blockchain platform of "Organicus" project you are renting a sown areas for growing sprouts for salads using innovative bioorganic technologies. 1 m2 of area equals for 1 token.


The blockchain guarantees the transparency of all stages of production and money transfers, and allows to get investments from all around the world.


You can invest in the project on the stage of planting seeds. The area you are renting will get your personal login.


You can observe your growing sprouts online and will get a regular production reports.

and reports

You can order a videoreports with different production stages.

Growing of

With the sprouts your profit are growing!

Watch the project video

After the production and selling the product (28 days in average)
you will get you profit (up to 18%) which you can reinvest
in production later or get the sprout salads instead.


Online games where you can plant and grow virtual plants have millions of followers.

Farm for
real-money growing

Organicus project is your real farm, where you take part in real clean organic products growing and getting real money for your efforts.

Now you've decided to grow eco-products
and invested in "Organicus" project. What happens next?

Watch the production online
24 hours 7 days a week Any sowing area could be yours:

Why the sprout salads?
Learn more about this miraculous product:

Documents confirming the quality of our products
and the level of professionalism of developers
Sprout salads are already sold
in large grocery chains all over Russia.
By investing in the Organicus project
ou know for sure the product is in demand
Stores chains:
To get your free salad
find the "Dary zemli" store here:
28 Schipok Str., Moscow
+7 (495) 669-60-56
+7 (985) 195-37-99
Why does Blockchain make the project possible
and profitable for the participants?

Transparent process of investing in any currency and receiving dividends is guaranteed and risk-free


Data about the entire production cycle is stored on the blockchain, which confirms its environmental friendliness


Grass tokens act as digital shares of the company

Project team

Platform Organicus is a joint project of healthy products producer
"Sun planet organic"and the blockchain developer "Analytics insight”


Head of the "Analytics Insight" company, blockchain enthusiast, an expert on Smart Contracts

Iurij Riabuhin

Head of "Sun Planet Organic" company, a specialist in the organic industry

Andreiy Mokeyev

A leading developer in "Analytics Insight". Specialist in the field of development of blockchain and smart contracts

Dmitry Kulikov

Blockchain developer. Specialist in the field of smart contracts. Specialist in the field of machine learning and data analysis

Andreiy Nefedov

Executive Director, project Manager of "Organicus" project

Julia Novosiolova

The Manager of the all-Russian social projects

Fiodor Motorniy

Employee of the "Analytics Insight" company, front-end developer, development specialist on the basis of the Angular

Aleksander Shilkin

Chief technologist of the project, head of production of sprout salads

ROADMAP of the project

How to start cooperation with the "Organicus" team
and make money on scaling the project?

1. Submit a request for a share in the project

1.1 Detailed description

2. Explore the proposed project implementation plan

2.1 Plan to expand and launch new production facilities details
2.2 Logic and mechanisms of Ethereum smart contracts to guarantee fulfillment of obligations read more

3. Approve or block the production expansion plan, personal account and related smart contracts.

3.1 Read the report on the work done, clarify the details of interest
3.2 Test the work of the personal account and the correctness of the smart contacts
3.3 If you find some flaws, describe them and form request for revision using your personal account
3.4 Approve the project development plan, personal account and system of smart contracts or block them
3.5 If the project development plan proposed by the team would get blocked by more than 50% of participants, the funds will be automatically returned. read more

"Sun Planet Organic"
Legal address: 445047
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Samara region, Russia
Adress: 445043, 30B Kommunalnaia St.
Toliatti, Russia
TIN/RRC 6321385988 / 632101001
operating account: 40703810700050101648
Joint-Stock company «Togliattikhimbank», Toliatti
correspondent account 30101810000000000838
RCBIC 043678838
Email: rostki-sunplanet@mail.ru
Phone.: 8 (800) 715-84-90